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Upload products

Take advantage of Cafe24's convenient features
to create engaging product pages.

Upload products  
Upload products  

Upload products
just like that

No need to enter every detail

Easily upload products after entering a few important details.

Manage multiple products in one go

Save time and effort by uploading and editing products in bulk.

Use Edibot for your product details  

Think smart — Use Edibot
for product details

Automatic product categorization

Edibot's AI analyzes your product images and automatically sorts them into appropriate categories. Save precious time and let Edibot categorize products for you.

All-purpose templates and stickers

Create a truly unique product details page with Edibot's themed templates and a wide variety of stickers.

Work faster with our convenient features  

Work faster with our convenient features

Manage products by category

Improve user experience and make product management easier by categorizing your products.

Create option set templates

Save option sets such as color and size that are frequently used as templates to speed up product uploads.


Create that perfect
first impression with
Drag-and-Drop Layout

Organize your product layout effortlessly

Simply drag and drop products to add them to your page and change your page's layout.

Compare product data

Organize your product layout strategically by comparing key data, such as a product's sales volume and the number of hits.

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