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Manage orders
and inventory

Easily search for orders and
fulfill multiple orders in one go.

Manage orders and inventory  

Process shipments
quickly with powerful
management tools

View orders by order status

View orders sorted by their status and easily check their payment and shipping status.

Fulfill orders in one click

Confirm payments and enter tracking codes in one click.


Process cancellations,
exchanges, and returns
fast to increase customer

Receive requests directly through your store

Allow customers to request order cancellations, exchanges or returns directly through your store by simply specifying a reason and their bank account details.

Sort requests by status

Let your customers know how their request is being processed with four different request statuses: Requested, Accepted, In Progress, and Completed.


Easy and accurate
inventory management

Manage inventory by type

Make procurement easier and more efficient by setting a minimum stock level and categorizing your important stock.

View out-of-stock items all in one place

Check out-of-stock items at a glance and take action quickly.

Import data with one click

Import multiple inventory CSV files with just a click.

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