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Facebook & Instagram

Increase sales with Facebook and Instagram.
Advertise your store through Facebook Channel
and grow your customer base.

Facebook & Instagram  

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The fastest way to set up
Facebook Shops & Instagram Shopping

Facebook Channel allows you to manage sales and marketing-related services like
Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, all in one place.

No matter how big or small your
business is, anyone with a Cafe24 online store can set up a shop on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram

Market your store to
3.1 billion Facebook &
Instagram users

Start using Facebook Business now

Log in with your Facebook account to sync up Facebook Channel and set up your Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping.

All your Facebook services in one place

Access all the necessary Facebook Business services required to market your business, including Shops and Messenger.

Optimized for Facebook Shopping

Use shopping tags, brand collections, filters, and more to create an optimized shopping experience for your customers.

Turn Facebook & Instagram
users into customers

Put the world’s largest social media platform together with Cafe24 and anyone can take their business global.

Meet customers around the world and sell products beyond your borders.

Target specific audience groups and optimize your ads worldwide

With 3.1 billion Facebook & Instagram users worldwide, you can display your products to anyone in the world. Link your store to Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping and simply select a region you want to target.

Let Cafe24 help you with your global payment and delivery issues

Cafe24 provides comprehensive support to help you reach your global audience, so you can focus on creating engaging content and increasing followers.

Features on Facebook Channel

Facebook Pixel

Pixel is automatically installed to your website, allowing you to track customer actions such as sign-ups, product selection, and payment.

Facebook Catalog

Optimize your Catalog’s product feed by syncing your products to Facebook’s servers and showing them to the most suitable users by age and gender.

Facebook Messenger

Install Facebook Messenger Chat to allow customers to contact you in real time, and increase your customer engagement and conversion rate.

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