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Get K-Products
Directly From Korea

Recent interest in Korean culture has improved sales
in related items globally.
Fulfill what consumers want in Korean products;
media, food, artists, beauty, and much more.


Do you want to supply Korean goods
to your customers?

We got you covered!


    No extra searching
    for suppliers


    Qualified suppliers
    and products


    Easy procedure
    by Cafe24



Cafe24, the connection
distribution network sales abroad

To bToB  

An online website service providing Korean brand goods
at lower supplier prices through Cafe24 partners.

For Seller

Provide Korean goods to
Cafe24 partners.

For Buyer

Get qualified Korean products
at compatible prices.


Wholesale Processing

  • Step 1. Order Order
  • Step 2. Confirm Confirm
  • Step 3. Payment Payment
  • Step 4. Packing Packing
  • Step 5. Shipping Shipping
Go In Basket

Global Sales and
Shipment Program

Don't miss out on your global customers!

About Service

"Go In Basket" let any online shop turn into a drop shipping mall.

Expand your product category
with Korean items.

They will make your shop rich and diverse.
Our affiliated warehouses in different country
locations provide fast global shipment.

Coming in Autumn