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Build Your
Online Empire

Grow your brand and customer loyalty
through your own website by understanding customer data.
Result? Cost effective sales and profit growth!


Customer Relationship

Plan your own promotions without hesitation

With your online shop, you can use customer data
unlike online marketplace and interact with customer
in various methods to understand their needs.

Classify your customers and reward based on their
purchasing record in order to improve customer

Plan various events and discounts exclusively for your
customers to increase loyalty to your brand.


6 Tips for Brand Growth with Cafe24

  • Build your brand identity
  • Launch as many products as you want
  • Custom your website and display what you want to share
  • Promote your brand through perfect SEO
  • Fee free on promotions and discounts
    events whenever you want
  • Increase profits by saving fees from different marketplaces

Join Cafe24 through migration

Manage at once, take control of your business

  • Migrate your multiple online market stores to your very own Website.
  • Our application allows to migrate your store items and information directly to your own Website.

Store Growth Story

“I didn’t want to quit my work after giving birth.
So I started my business from the
last month of my pregnancy.”

First, I started my business from a marketplace but after a while, I noticed that I couldn't provide benefits to the regular customers.

Customer information is fully driven for my brand, which is safely collected under the Personal Information Protection Act. The data is meaningful, which helps to proceed more successful marketing, such as, promotional events like discounts, coupons, and promotions. Of course, developing a close relationship with customers needs time and effort.

Managing a website is not straightforward like marketplace, but with various functions and applications I was able to experience the different brand growth phases and still able to increase the sales, customers, and the brand value more than ever!

I wish my story can reach to you who are starting to build your own brand. - Candy Stone -

Global Market Plus

Connect and Manage
Quick and Easy, but Wider

coming soon...